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MatStream Introduction

Product information management systems helps engineers and designers to manage the product data and the documentation associated with it.
We introduce a new category of product information management systems for customers in the engineering, manufacturing and power and process market segments. MatStream is affordable, providing a rapid implemented product information management solution for the Windows environment.

What is the idea of MatStream

Create a product group in Product Information Center (PIC). Product Information Center is the Product Information Manager (PIM) in MatStream. Add product data, properties, supplier data and attach digital documents like Ex certificates, manuals and CAD drawing to it.

Link the product group to an item in a material list of MatStream Bill of Materials (BOM). The data and documentation from the Product Information Manager is now available for the item in Bill of Materials.

Save time, and increase your productivity

MatStream is a professional data management system for all types of technical product data. Timesaving, and designed for engineering, designing and construction. As the amount and complexity of data that needs to be stored and managed in today's businesses continues to increase, there is a growing need to provide comprehensive solutions that solve this data disorganization.
MatStream supplies a rich set of productivity tools and features that help you take control of your data. With MatStream we have created an easy to use, and understandable application, which is built with focus on saving time, and reducing error. MatStream will contribute to standardization of selectable components in your production process.

MatStream Technology

MatStream is a group of software modules to manage, use and reuse product information. These modules are fully object-oriented and are designed and built specifically for Windows environment (Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT). This product information is saved in a searchable database.
The product information can be used in MatStream Bill Of Materials and other applications.
With MatStream Product Information Center you quickly find previous used products, and their information like supplier data, attached documentation, certificates, properties etc. With some search criteria you can specify the type of product you are looking for.

The second module is MatStream Bill of Materials for creating BOM's. Items from MatStream Product can be dragged or copied into this BOM. With this operation the link to the product data and documents will be remained. MatStream Bill of Materials features automatic printing of documentation and certificates for product manuals.

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